Why is learning
java essential?

For those still thinking about
whether to learn Java, we advise you to familiarize yourself with it in more detail and compare it with other programming languages. What is it suitable for, and where is it used?

The Java code began to be used 25 years ago to create independent software. It is quickly built into desktop computers, mobile devices, and household appliances.

In addition, Java is constantly being improved and updated, allowing it to conquer new geographical and economic horizons. Today, Java code is actively used to create significant commercial and corporate projects, online stores, and mobile applications.

What puts learning Java in the first lines of ratings:
– the number of developers who are engaged in it – over 10 million;
– the power of the devices in which it is used is over 3 billion;
– the number of search queries in search engines – with a share of 16% (twice as much as the C ++ language).

Advantages Java?

Adaptability. Java works anytime, anywhere. If Java is used to create software on one site, the resource adapts and will work on all the others. For example, the language is used to create complex wireless modules and mobile devices.

Constant development. This is precisely what promotes any business and any product. Java code is preferred because of many features for performing any task and the constant replenishment of these features – by developers and the community of fans of this language.

Flexibility. The language can work on different platforms, create modules, and solve the most unexpected tasks. As a result, Java is valued and respected by small companies and large corporations. For example, the Spotify brand developed microservices for the Apollo service thanks to Java.
It is actively used to build servers on the Pentagon website on Amazon and Oracle. Accelerates financial transactions on the LMAX stock exchange, helps solve security issues, and improves company productivity.

TOP-9 famous projects on Java?

1. Android

Thanks to Android development, other operators paid attention to this language. As a result, almost all of its mobile applications are created in Java.

2. Cloud 

Today, cloud projects are an opportunity to store huge files without the risk of losing them. Massive databases, services, and IT structures are stored in the cloud. According to a survey by the independent organization CFF, 59% of developers create enterprise applications using Java.

It is also used to develop cloud application servers, an interface for various programs, and mixed services: for mobile and PC devices.

3. Virtual reality

Mobile AR and VR projects, fashion applications, and educational systems are created in Java and tied to the cloud. There are many more such projects than you might think.

4. Building safe self-driving cars

Programming requires a detailed study of tasks. Therefore, it would be best if you calculated the slightest nuances. For example, drones need to determine the type and dynamics of an object and its distance. All this will help Java to do.

5. Programming medical robots

Here we are talking about the Internet of things. For example, when robot doctors serve patients – they measure pressure and body temperature and determine the pulse and heart rate.

From the same “opera” – the robot Xiaoyi, invented in China. Thanks to artificial intelligence, he passed the exam for a medical license. And scientists from Chinese universities have been “stuffing” the “brains” of the robot with information from medical reference books for a whole year.

6. Online game development

The well-known Zuma, Assassin’s Creed, and many others are written in Java.

The Java language, like no other, is suitable for creating games because it has OpenJFX, a series of graphics programs that programmers use successfully. In addition, gamers appreciate the look and images in games. Another advantage of Java playing its role – is the ability to play on any device.

7. Visual effects in movies

Software for notable projects “Transformers,” “Star Wars,” and “Captain Marvel” was created using Java. The special effects were memorable, and the films got millions of fans.

8. Ability to work with Big Data

Big Data use the most powerful languages to work with, including Java. Such analytical capabilities and others no less valuable become a selection criterion.

9. Programming in space

NASA actively uses Java. The SDK software embedded in the satellite makes it possible to view even the smallest piece of the Earth. In addition, NASA develops and widely implements infrastructure applications, analytical programs, and user services in Java.

Art robot Makelangelo, which draws posters, is also created using Java (author – Dan Royer). Java programmers have always been in demand, and their need in the labor market is constantly growing.

The Java language is used today in the development of many projects. It is a unique tool that helps people work wonders. An IT school for children is where talents are revealed, new ideas are born, and success comes.

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